Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Opening

Congratulations to Lauren Diggs, Min Won Kim, and Tomoko Uehara for the opening of their BFA Thesis Exhibition. Here are some pictures from the reception, but check back soon for images from each of their undergraduate portfolios!
(pictured above from left, Lauren Diggs, Kyleen Jeans, Min Won Kim, and Tomoko Uehara)

The gallery was packed!

Lizeth Garcia (sculpture BFA) and Ellie Richards (woods grad).

Tomoko next to one of her pieces.
Min talking about her piece with a friend.

Congratulations Lizeth!
Tomoko and her boyfriend JJ Chalupnick.

Proud Professor, Becky McDonah, with soon to be graduated Tomoko.
Part of the metals crew (from left), Jonathan Brown, Kazumi Ito, Lynette Andreasen, Tomoko Uehara, Lauren Diggs, and Victoria Altepeter.
Lauren and Lynette.
Jonathan, Lauren, and Victoria.

Tom Eckert and Tomoko.

Jonathan and Tomoko.

We will miss you guys!

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