Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ceremonial Mace and Medallion

While rummaging through old file cabinets in her office the other day, Becky stumbled upon some old newspapers. In them she found this article about the Ceremonial Mace and Medallion that Dave Pimentel created for the University in 1982.

The mace and medallion are only worn/held by the president of the university.

This part of the article was particularly humorous.
We decided to track down where the Mace and Medallion are housed and ask if we could come to see them in person. The director of University Ceremonies, Melissa Werner, got back to us immediately and said she would love to have us come! So, we took a little field trip to the ASU Foundation and got to see and touch Dave's beautifully crafted work.

Becky wanted to hold the mace.
So did Victoria. Front and back of the medallion.
Some details of the mace.
We had a great time and really appreciated being able to see Dave's work in person. We are glad that ASU is continuing his legacy, and that we can be a part of it.

To find out more about the mace and medallion click here or here.

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