Friday, March 11, 2011

NC Black Co. Engraving Workshop

ASU Metals Club is providing an engraving workshop by the
NC Black Co., funded by USG!

The workshop will be held on March 14th and 15th from 9:00am
to 5:00pm. The workshop has filled but there is a waiting list for
anyone who is still interested.

A free artist lecture will be on March 14th at 5:00pm in the
Art Building room 220, and will be open to the public!

Here's a description of the workshop:

NC BLACK Co. and Le Graveur de Vol collaborated and have invented the AFFORDABLE Engraver’s Ball Vise – for $130.00! Now Hand & Hammer Engraving have become cost effective for beginners to learn. Now students can make a minimal investment to learn the basics of hand & hammer engraving from Master Engraver Les Bryant. This new equipment will allow novice engravers to get the basic skills and techniques of engraving to embellish jewelry, enamels, knives or small sculptural forms. A basic kit of the vise, hammer, gravers, handles and template can run as low as $245.00! All tools will be provided for this workshop and NO PURCHASE is necessary to take the class.

Students will learn about the three most common gravers, learn how to shape and sharpen them and layout techniques for engraving designs upon metal. Beginning hand and hammer techniques will be taught on copper plates using border techniques, such as Ric Rac and Nic & Dot, how to cut straight and curved lines, as well as creating background textures, and some relief work. Students will layout a monogram of their initials to engrave and will learn to use a bright cutter to further embellish their work. They will engrave one bracelet blank and form it. The basics of mid or deep relief engraving, stone setting techniques that include flush setting and bead setting will be covered. These techniques will require the use of a flex shaft as well as NC BLACK Co.’s engraving equipment.