Saturday, September 24, 2011

Visiting Artist

The Metals Club at ASU was thrilled to have visiting artist Victoria Altepeter come and give a lecture and hands on workshop on patinas on September 20! Victoria recieved her BFA in Metals at Northern Arizona University, and her MFA in Metals at Arizona State University. She is currently teaching in Metals at NAU. Her work has been featured in the Lark book Wrap, Stitch, Fold and Rivet, Lark book 500 Silver Objects and Libro de Anillos, a Spanish book on rings.

Some of Victoria's incredible work:

Victoria gave a lecture about her work to students at ASU, then gave a demo on many different ways to apply patinas to metal.

Peanut oil patina

There is a patina that involves fuming with ammonia and pickle juice!

Here's how it turned out with the pickle juice! A nice green!

Later in the day students had the chance to try some of the patinas. Everyone had a lot of fun with it!