Thursday, December 6, 2007

Juried Ungergraduate Exhibition

Congratulations to all the students who made it into the Juried Undergraduate Exhibition!

Lauren Diggs

Kyleen Jeans Jacinda Friedkin
Tomoko Uehara
Min Won Kim
Terri Valencia
Cheyne Carnaham

And a SPECIAL CONGRATS to Miss Lauren Diggs, one of 4 recipients to win a $100 gift certificate to Arizona Art Supply!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

500 Metal Vessels

Congratulations to everyone from ASU who was included in the new 500 Metal Vessels Book!!
above and below: Becky Chader (McDonah)
Professor and Dept. Head, ASU Metals
above and below: Tedd McDonah
Professor, ASU Metals
below: Lauren McAdams
Current MFA candidate, ASU Metals

below: John Tzelepis
MFA Alumni 2006, ASU Metals
below: Dale Wedig
MFA Alumni 1985, ASU Metals