Thursday, May 17, 2012


In April, we had a Filigree Workshop with Lynette Andreasen!
Filigree is an ancient metalworking technique with finely twisted gold or silver wires.

Below are some of Lynette's beautiful filigree flowers with pearls. To see more of Lynette's work, click here.

We learned how to twist and bend wires in the old Yemenite tradition. Lynette showed us a neat trick. In order to prevent the tiny fine silver wires from melting, she heats the wire inside an altoid tin!

Leon being serious while watching Lynette's demo...

We also had a second workshop at ASU with Fred Zweig on Nunome Zogan, otherwise known as Damascene, which is a Japanese overlay technique on steel.

Here, Fred is showing us how to make "tooth" marks in the steel in preparation for the overlay, using chasing tools that Fred made specially for the workshop.

Here is a piece from Fred's beautiful collection.

A student beginning to add in the fine silver overlay. Not as beautiful as above, but it's a good start...


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You are so lucky. You learning to melt silver. What about your experience. Please share with us.

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