Monday, December 8, 2008

Metalworking Merit Badges

On Saturday, December 6th, Arizona State University’s Metals Department hosted a Metalworking Merit Badge workshop for local Boy Scout Troop 630. The scouts learned many things about the properties of metal and how to work it at this hands-on event. For the tool making portion of the day, scouts made center punches out of tool steel and hardened and tempered them for lasting durability.

Next they went on to making belt buckles by using the jewelers saw to cut out designs in brass that they later soldered to their buckle plates that were formed by using the hydraulic press. After cleaning up the metal surface and using patina for coloration, each scout (and scout leader) had created their very own belt buckle.

It was a great opportunity for ASU’s Metalworking Department (including volunteers from the faculty, graduate and undergraduate levels) to interact with the community and give them a glimpse of one direction that is possible in the field of metals.

Special thanks go out to our Metalworking Department volunteers:
Victoria Altepeter, Lynette Andreasen, Judy Barnes, Gina Beyers, Erik Bogner, Ingrid Donaldson, Julie Mikelson, Justen Morgan and Becky McDonah


Scoutmaster said...

Thanks for doing this merit badge. The boy's all loved it. They show off their belt buckles every chance they get.

Thanks again, for taking so much time to prepare and carry out this workshop.

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